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Non-Religious Ministries for All

The Greater Philadelphia and South Jersey Region-based community of faith and discussion working together to bring hearts and minds closer to God

We are a community of faith and fellowship based in the greater Philadelphia and South Jersey Region, working together to bring hearts and minds closer to God while supporting outreach programs to empower the greater region.

We know real community change toward continuous improvement is possible with the joined hands of individuals like you raised together in prayer and support for all those in need.

“Where there is no love, souls languish in the balance. Teach us O Lord thy ways, Teach us O Lord thy standards, Teach us O Lord, thy Peace, In Jesus’ name is our prayer.”
- Brother E Alexander

Ministries For All

We help strengthen the community through outreach programs designed to boost the overall opportunities and quality of life of human beings in our region. We do this by partnering with local religious and non-religious leaders to provide assistance for :


Radio Broadcast WTMR 800 Camden, NJ

Prayer Groups

Developmental Programs

Our Mission

As part of our mission to bring love and care to the greater Philadelphia and South Jersey region, we created a Podcast and online Radio Show. This includes in-depth interviews with community leaders, people with interesting stories, influential organizations, and local individuals.

This is our way of ensuring more people have access to faith-based conversations and healthy discourse for the mind while reinforcing the idea that love and action helps strengthen the heart in times of challenges.

Our goal is to significantly impact these marginalized communities by showcasing the inner strength and opportunities available to life

Strengthening our community is one of the foundational goals of Open 2 Peace Ministries. We believe our actions are the best way to show our faith and love for our fellow brothers and sisters. That is why we have created unique ministry goals designed to help those in our community find the resources for greater opportunities. Won’t you join us by offering your prayer, donation funds, volunteering, and business partnerships?

We also proudly partner with local religious and non-religious leaders as well as numerous community organizations. Please use the contact form to learn more about creating a working relationship, being a guest on our podcast, or asking our ministry team about upcoming services and events please feel free to use our contact form below. We will do our best to respond as soon as possible.

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